Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit

Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit
Ceiling Concealed Duct FCUs

Panel and frame are made of SECC galvanized steel, It has high level of water proofing and anti-corrosion characteristic, properly punched for fixing both accessories and the unit itself for ceiling installation.
The fan decks are composed of non-welded multi-blade centrifugal impellers and high-quality 3-speed fan motors. The motor has Class B insulation, self-lubricated NSK bearing. Each fan motor has gone through strict static and dynamic balancing to ensure smooth and quiet operation.
The coils are made of seamless copper tubes expanded into hydrophilic aluminum fins.
Standard return air plenum and filter guarantees clean air supply and stable air flow rate. The easily removable standard filter is made of filtering honeycomb polypropylene fabric and supported by an aluminum frame.
The drain pan is made of high quality sheet metal treated with polyester powder coating to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents, and are sloped in a way that shall facilitate water drainage and reduce the conditions for the breeding of harmful bacteria.
Left and right hand piping connections are optional, flexible installation.

Various Selections
Versions for 2/4 pipe systems.
3 or 4 rows coil for 2-pipe systems.
3+1 rows coil for 4-pipe systems.
High external static pressure 30Pa, 50Pa and 120Pa.
Different type thermostats with more advanced functions.

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