Water Cooled Water Chiller

Water Cooled Water Chiller

Water Cooled Modular Scroll Chiller
Water Cooled Screw Chiller


It's an ideal choice for hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, cinemas and other civil architecture air conditioning system. Its uses also extend into the plastic industry, electroplating industry, food processing, chemical industry and other processing facilities that require large amounts of chilled water.
3-phase scroll type compressor for Water Cooled Modular Scroll Chiller, with built-in thermal overload cut-out and crankcase heater, mounted on rubber vibration dampers. Semi- hermetic screw compressor for the Water Cooled Screw Chiller. Each compressor is equipped with a crankcase heater and a built-in electronic protection with temperature sensor located directly
in the motor winding and on the discharge line.
Shell and tube dry expansion type condenser, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.
Shell and tube evaporator, higher efficiency less water consumption, easy maintenance and cleaning, factory insulated with flexible close cell material. Both two side cover can be exchanged based on actual demand.
The refrigerant circuit is complete with sight glass, filter drier, high and low pressure gauges, solenoid valve, electronic expansion valve, high and low pressure switch.
The electric panel consists of compressor breaker, compressor contactor, phase sequence relay, control circuit breaker, microprocessor control with function display.
LCD display, touch screen control panel as standard.
An infinitely variable capacity control system that is capable of exactly matching the demand requirement of the system is to be supplied. This system is to provide precise and stable control of supply water temperature over the complete range of operating conditions.

Assembly Line

Suggestion for energy conservation:
1. Choose the right pressure head for chilled water pump and cooling water pump.
Choose proper pipe diameter and water velocity.
Minimize pipe joint, reducing joints, pipe reducers, manifolds, and valves unnecessary to reduce local resistance loss.
Choose proper water strainer (structure/meshes) and periodically clean.
2. Using a variable frequency water pump is recommended as it can reduce energy consumption by 30%-45%.
3. Using a water distributor and valves between floors or terminal SV to prevent chilled water from circulating in non-working terminals is recommended.
4. Do periodic cleaning of cooling tower and pipe system.
5. Select a location that provides sufficient air-flow for both air-inlet and outlet.
6. Make appropriate adjustments to chilled water inlet/outlet temperature and temperature difference according to the local climate.

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