Air Source Heat Pump

Low Ambient Temperature EVI Air Source Heat Pump

Sendo advanced technology
ºC low ambient temperature heating, designed for extremely cold climate
+65ºC hot water supplying for hotel and swiming pool
62dB(A) low noise operation
7kW~375kW wide capacity range

Sendo unique design
No contact design, the fin (air side heat exchanger) adopts no drain pan design, and it does not contact with the frame support, which ensures that the lowest part of the heat exchanger keep the ventilation smooth, no hidden corners.
Full counter flow design, the flow direction of refrigerant and wind is opposite, which can greatly improve the heating efficiency.
Patented one way valve design and electronic expansion valve design. Patented multiple small axial fans technology, saw-shaped impeller, large air volume with super low noise.


Copeland brand (USA) EVI compressor.
Alco brand (USA) EXV. 480 steps EXV for stable and accurate flow control.
Coil adopts inner grooved copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum foil, patented multiple small axial fans technology, large air volume with super low noise.

Modular Design, the capacity can be easily expanded to meet various air-conditioning requirements. Back-up Functions, In a combination system, if one module failed, other modules can be back-up instead of the failed one for continuing operation. In one combination module, all slave units operate as alternative in cycle duty to keep equal running time, realize higher stability, better reliability and longer lifespan.

Assembly Line


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