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Inverter Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioner

Inverter Rooftop Packaged Unit (EC Series)


High efficiency EC fan technology
EC plug fans deliver exact airflow requirements while minimising power usage at the same time. In fact EC plug fan technology is up to 50% more efficient than traditional belt and pulley systems.

Key benefits include:
Program control feature for exact airflow requirements.
High static easily achieved for long distance airsupply.
Eliminates belt dust and belt adjustment, providing a cleaner environment, and lowers operational maintenance cost.
Significant time saved for on-site commissioning.
Improved occupant comfort.

Unique compressor technology for some models
- 3 stages for more savings
As its name indicates, Tri-Capacity offers a unique three steps capacity configuration of 33%, 67% and 100%. Tri-Capacity’s unique compressor configuration also delivers improved seasonal energy efficiency through fewer adjustments, and also results in less cyclic degradation and more finely tuned occupant comfort.

Optional high efficiency DC Inverter compressor
Sendo Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioner achieves the industry's top class energy efficiency in cooling and heating by utilizing DC inverter compressor. The DC inverter compressor adopts innovative design and numerous high performance key parts which can reduce power consumption by 25%.
Key benefits include:
Rapid warm up and cool down, the DC Inverter Compressor system reaches full load rapidly providing less temperature fluctuation and an improved living environment.

Optional free cooling technology
Buildings that comply with new thermal regulations have good insulation and require more cooling even when outside temperature is low. Thermodynamic cooling can be replaced by free cooling by introducing cool outside air into the building for best energy efficiency year round.

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