SENDO is a professional manufacturer of quality air conditioning products.
Sendo could supply most products in HVAC field, such as Rooftops, Split Commercial Units, Chiller, Heat Pump, AHU and FCU etc.
Sendo also supplies made-to-measure HVAC solutions. We engineer and manufacture Air Conditioner to suit the building design and application.

Sendo’s rooftop package units are a proven product that have been used in many buildings across the globe. As shown above, they have been installed and operated in New Zealand C/o ICONIC Bar & Restaurant for over 7 years.

With Indoor air quality and running cost being more important to our customer C/o ICONIC Bar & Restaurant (Christchurch, New Zealand), all Rooftops are supplied with economizer and fresh air hood as a standard feature to improve comfort through better fresh air management and allow energy savings with free cooling1. (1 Thermodynamic Cooling can be replaced by Free Cooling when outdoor temperature is below the building set point saving up to 15% on annual energy consumption)

We use a VOC (Volatile Organic Component) sensor to detect the amount of CO2 in the ambient air between 0 and 2000PPM2. (2 This obviously varies depending upon the Passenger Flow Volume of the bar) The VOC sensor sends a proportional signal to the controller which will then modulate the fresh air accurately for improving indoor air quality. Introducing just the required amount of Fresh Air also can reduce energy consumption.

Sendo possesses the in-house engineering capacity to design (ODM) and manufacture (OEM) Nonstandard Air Conditioning Products for your special application. As shown above, we custom-tailor Heat Pump Dryer for food factory (Camiluz Enterprises, Inc) in Philippines in the application of mango drying. If you have an out-of-the-ordinary use case, contact us for more information on how we might be able to assist you with your application.

Why Us

SENDO contribution to combat rising energy costs and global warming is to design innovative, efficient and dependable AC products, while providing best comfort and air quality. We are optimistic about the response that we expect to get from our potential customers because we strive to ensure that our customers get the quality products when they approach us and we are determined to ensure that our customers can obtain various benefits when they buy Sendo air conditioners.

Air-conditioners and ventilators consume about 40% energy of a building, the biggest among all other appliances and equipment for a typical commercial high rise building. Therefore the key issue in air-conditioning is all about energy efficiency. Our engineers strive with successful energy saving products to a new height for building managers as well as home owners to realise lowest electrical bill ever.

EC is fitted with a plug-fan ensuring that no belt particles can be carried away into the building. This ventilation system is compliant with EN13779 air quality norm.
IAQ Kit (Optional) The UV lights sterilize the surface of the cooling coil. In addition UV lights prevent from unwanted odors. By the destruction of microorganism, the UV light keep clean the coil and allow constant air pressure drop on the coil, so less energy consumption and more comfort.
Rooftop units can be equipped with economizer as a optional feature to improve comfort through better fresh air management and allow energy savings with free cooling. Siemens PLC controller with BMS and precision temperature & humidity control can be matched as optional solution.

Sendo always put quality as the first consideration, we believe that quality is the soul of an enterprise. *Our products designed and manufactured under quality management systems certified ISO 9001:2015. *All products are 100% tested at the factory before delivery to make sure no heat exchanger leakage and provide reliable start up.

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