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Mini Type Air Cooled Water Chiller & Heat Pump

Mini Type Air Cooled Water Chiller & Heat Pump

Sendo Mini Chiller includes DC Inverter series and Fixed series.

DC inverter chiller integrates the latest technological innovations and ensures precise temperature regulation & highly efficient energy usage. 7 models with cooling capacities from 5kW to 14.5kW and heating capacities from 6.2kW to 16kW.

Fixed series chiller adopt unitary structure design, 11 models with cooling capacities from 8 to 50kW and heating capacities from 8.6 to 58kW.

DC Inverter series


DC Inverter compressor
Twin rotary DC inverter compressor is used. The output of the unit can be adjusted precisely according to the energy demanded.

DC fan motor

High efficiency DC fan motor saved power up to 50%.

Electronic expansion valve
EXV is used for stable and accurate gas flow control.

Plate heat exchanger

High efficiency plate type water side heat exchanger.

Hydronic module

Hydronic module is built in the unit. High efficiency water pump, the water pump used is compliance with Erp directive, which is A efficiency standard.

Fixed series


High reliability
- Panels and frame are made from galvanized steel protected with polyester powder painting to ensure durability.
- Hermetic scroll type compressor for the whole range, with built-in thermal overload cut-out and crankcase heater, mounted on rubber vibration isolators.
- External rotor type axial fans, equipped with direct drive motors, low noise, protection level IP54, provided with a protective outlet grille.
Coils are consisting of seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into blue hydrophilic aluminum fins.
High efficiency plate type water side heat exchanger, factory insulated with flexible close cell material. Plate heat exchanger uses metal plates to transfer heat between refrigerant and water. The fluids are exposed to a much larger surface area because the fluids spread out over the plates, so both heat transfer efficiency and heat exchanger speed are greatly improved.
- Multi protections include voltage protection, current protection, anti-freezing protection and water flow protection, ensure system safety running.

Easy installation and control

- Compact structure design saves much installation space.
- Hydronic module is built in the unit (8-40kW), which including water pump, expansion tank and water flow switch.
- PUNP wired controller (remote controller) or CAREL u
ser-friendly UC2 controller is optional.
Emergency switch and pressure gauge are equipped with to ensure safety.

Assembly Line

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