Rooftop Packaged Unit

EXPERT of Rooftop Packaged Unit

Adaptable, Flexible Rooftop Package Solutions for Virtually Any Building
  Tropical climate T3 condition
  Economizer/Free cooling with return air damper, fresh air damper & hood
  Additional water heating coil or Additional electric heater for heating or dehumidification
  Optional supply / return air configuration (Side/Top/Bottom)
  Optional high level filter (G4 panel type filter, F8 bag type filer and H13 HEPA filter etc)
  Optional golden condenser & evaporator for some area need special anti-corrosion
  Optional precision temperature & humidity control
  Heat recovery (Plate type heat recovery & Wheel type heat recovery optional)
  100% Full fresh air
  High external pressure, long air supply distance

  High efficiency EC plug fan


Convenient for unit selection

Colour selection
he frame & panel can be ordered in either white or dark grey colors.

Wide cooling capacity range
There is a large production line of packaged units, with capacities ranging from 3Ton to 110Ton (12kW to 392kW) at nominal conditions.

Panels selection
anels can be constructed of galvanized steel coated or Panels are double-skin with injection of high density polyurethane.

Outstanding reliability

Some models feature the flexibility and economy of 2~4 stages operation. Compressors are progressively switched on only as they are needed.

Durable construction
 Standard cabinets are constructed from high grade galvanized steel with polyester powder coated, they are completely weatherized for outdoor installation.
 Coils are manufactured from seamless copper tubes mechanically expanded into hydrophilic aluminum fins, they are tested under 3100KPa at the factory to avoid leakage.
 External fasteners are stainless steel or galvanized type.
 All units are tested at the factory to make sure no leakage and provide reliable start up.

Reliable scroll compressor
igh efficiency scroll compressor for the whole range. Famous brand compressor: Copeland, Panasonic and Danfoss. More reliable.

Multi-protection design
 Electric panel consists of breakers and contactors for compressors, condenser & evaporator fan motors, phase sequence relay and other necessary protection devices for the main components.

• Main power supply breaker is optional.
 All electric parts are Schneider Electric brand.

Easy installation and maintenance

 All units are factory assembled, internally wired, fully charged refrigerant.
 The Rooftops has provisions for forklift or crane lifting. On arrival to the job site they are ready to be lifted to their operating position through the lifting supports available on the units. Only connect the wires of power supply, and no need to connect any signal wires.
 Quick release fasteners or removable the access doors on the compressor, fan motor, filter, and electric box sections, provide convenient access to system components for maintenance and service.
 The unit provides external pressure gauge for convenient and fast checking system pressure without removing the panel.
 If the unit is in running with abnormal operation, the controller will show the error code for easy troubleshooting.
• Standard washable filter, easy to clean.

Smart control system

 The unit is completely factory-wired with necessary controls and terminal block for power wiring.
 SYSLAB wired controller is supplied with unit controls as standard. SIEMENS & CAREL PLC controller with BMS function and precision temperature & humidity control can be matched as optional solution.

Assembly Line


Project Reference

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