Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Water Cooled Screw Chiller
Water cooled screw chiller is a classic products that operates on a flooded type evaporator optional and high efficiency compressor. Optimized system design and enhanced heat exchange efficiency mean the chiller works best under both full load and partial load. Sendo every chiller is fully factory tested and gas charged before shipment. It's an ideal choice for hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, cinemas and other civil architecture air conditioning system. Its uses also extend into the plastic industry, electroplating industry, food processing, chemical industry and other processing facilities that require large amounts of chilled water.


Reliable chiller

Self-Diagnosis. Self-diagnosis is always performed prior to start-up to enable safe operation. Only after all the requirements are met, the chiller will start. If any malfunction occurs, it will be displayed on the screen.

Multiple protection features guarantee the safety and stability of the chiller.
High/low pressure protection, guarantees the Comp. runs in the right range thus ensuring its lifespan.
Power open phase protection, protects Comp. from damage in case of open phase or anti-phase.
Anti-freeze protection under cooling mode, protects the evaporators' copper pipes from damage caused by water freeze.
Frequent startup protection, protects Comp. motor winding from burnout caused by frequent startup.
Overcurrent protection of Comp., protects Comp. from burnout caused by heavy current.
Overheat protection of compressor, protects Comp. from damage caused by a lack of refrigerant or lubricant.
Water flow protection, protects Comp. from burnout caused by heat-exchanger failure.
Reversal protection control (APRS), guarantees the comp. motor runs in the right direction.

Advanced chiller

Advanced twin-rotor screw compressor

High efficiency heat exchange technology
High efficiency shell and tube heat exchanger, 2 pass, straight water pipe, easy to clean. Both two side cover can be exchanged to meet customer’s requirement for condenser Made in the factory.

User-friendly operating interface
Complete and safe control system: The chiller is designed with multiple security measures to ensure safety and reliability. All sensors and safety features are assembled, equipped and undergo strict testing in factory. Three status indicators clearly indicate power, system status and communication.

Intelligent control
By monitoring all parameters, the intelligent control logic decides the best load adjustment method, it optimizes the EXV and the capacity slider to guarantee safe operation under various load conditions. Conventional BMS systems only focus on the interlock control, operation status and parameter monitoring, which achieves automation and energy management, but fails to realize the benefits of equipment synchronization. Sendo centralized energy management system attaches importance to building load prediction and control, and coordinates the operation of air-conditioner, fan and water pumps to realize optimum energy management.

Assembly Line

Reference Project

Suggestion for energy conservation:
1. Choose the right pressure head for chilled water pump and cooling water pump.
Choose proper pipe diameter and water velocity.
Minimize pipe joint, reducing joints, pipe reducers, manifolds, and valves unnecessary to reduce local resistance loss.
Choose proper water strainer (structure/meshes) and periodically clean.
2. Using a variable frequency water pump is recommended as it can reduce energy consumption by 30%-45%.
3. Using a water distributor and valves between floors or terminal SV to prevent chilled water from circulating in non-working terminals is recommended.
4. Do periodic cleaning of cooling tower and pipe system.
5. Select a location that provides sufficient air-flow for both air-inlet and outlet.
6. Make appropriate adjustments to chilled water inlet/outlet temperature and temperature difference according to the local climate.

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